They have changed me…

2011 has been a year of growth for me. I have changed my perspective on quite a few things and am attempting to move toward a more natural way of living. I would not be taking this journey if it wasn’t for two women I met this year, Sierra and Stephanie.

Sierra is one of the owners of the CSA we belong to, Golden Oldies Farm in Macon (….CSA is short for Community Supported Agriculture. We paid the farmers 250 dollars for a half share (4-6 pounds of vegetables a week) of produce and pick up our veggies every Wednesday directly from the farm. Signing up for this has changed the way my family eats and has changed the way I think. Sierra has taught me so much…she is extremely passionate about teaching people to eat what is available to them locally. She is an organic farmer and she encourages people to think about what they put into their bodies. There is nothing that compares to the vegetables we have gotten from our CSA. I was never one to eat a salad until I had lettuce from Sierra’s farm….it was amazing. I was obsessed with salad for a good month. Sierra was also the inspiration behind my adventure with canning (I will discuss this in all its glory in a future post). She makes me want to provide better options for my children. I have learned that not everyone who sells at the Farmer’s Market is being truthful and that it is extremely important to ask questions. I now make sure that the people I buy my fruits and veggies from are local and are growing their OWN food. I love supporting, local, organic farmers.  I am so grateful to have met Sierra…and to get to know her better.

Another amazing woman I have met this year is Stephanie. Stephanie is the owner of Wiseley Used Herbs ( She makes all natural soaps, lip balm, bug spray, and salve.  She is an herbalist who absolutely loves to teach others how to use herbs in their everyday lives. Saying that I have learned a lot from her would be an understatement. I recently went to a seminar at her home regarding Children’s Health. She opened my eyes to so many things. She has taught me that I can do wonderful things with the ‘weeds’ growing in my yard. She has made me really stop and think about the preservatives in the food that I am buying at the store. Stephanie makes her own yogurt, pop tarts, chocolate syrup, cleaning products, and much more. Many of the things I have learned from her will become topics of conversation in this blog. I cannot wait to try making my own cleaning supplies. It will definitely be an adventure.

I would not be on this journey and be the woman I am today if I had not met these two absolutely amazing women. Thank you for being so helpful!!


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