Goodbye (no good morning) chicken…

Last night, Chris went out to put the chickens in their coop and I got both kids ready for bed. Normally, we each put one of the kids in bed and then go wrangle the chickens together. Our routine has changed, though, because it is getting darker earlier and earlier every night. We want the chickens “in bed” before it gets too late and the predators come out. When Chris came in last night he told me that he only found 4 hens and the rooster. I was immediately upset. I decided to do bedtime a little differently, so I could go out and help look for the missing chicks. I let both kids get in our daughter’s bed and watch a movie….and outside i went. The first thing I saw was a few huge piles of feathers. Nearly every time we have lost a chicken one of us has found remnants, so we went back inside…assuming the worst. I was extremely upset. I sat on the couch for the rest of the night in a funk…devastated by another chicken loss. It is amazing to me how attached I am to these chickens. They are a part of our family now. Losing one is sad…no matter how many times it happens. I thought I would get used to it and chalk it up to the circle of life…that has not been the case. I went to bed sad and got up sad. When I woke up, I went out to let the chickens out for the day and was thrilled to see 4 hens and a rooster inside the coop and 1 hen OUTSIDE the coop. She was back, safe and sound. Welcome back little chicken….we are happy you are home.


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