Guess what we found tonight…

Our very first egg. We were not expecting to find one, but when we went outside tonight (as a family) to gather the chickens up for the evening I saw the egg in their run….and we got excited. Super excited. It was like Christmas morning–a fantastic gift! Maggie, Liam, and I roamed throughout the rest of the yard looking for eggs…Easter-style. Maggie sang, “We are the egg hunters…egg hunters.” So funny!! We did not find any others, but Maggie thanked the chickens for giving us such a great gift and claimed that this was, “a very special day!”

We went inside to take some photos (because this momentous occasion had to be remembered forever) and I let each of the kids take a turn with the egg. Maggie adored it. Liam looked a tad bit confused. He ended up dropping and cracking the egg….it is okay since we got his picture with our very first egg. We did note, however, that letting a 2 1/2 year old hold eggs isn’t the best idea 🙂

I cannot wait to keep finding these beauties. I really needed this tonight.


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