Sheep, sheep…everywhere…

Today the kids, Pam (my mother-in-law) and I visited one of my new friend’s sheep farm. I love that I live in the country and meet all kinds of farmers. My kids would never have a chance to experience these things if we didn’t live where we do. It has been an awesome experience. I met Sarah (the owner of the farm) last year while dropping Maggie off at pre-school. I really didn’t know anyone (and still don’t know a lot of people) and she was friendly to me. Thanks, Sarah!!

We arrived at the farm and immediately saw tons of sheep. Sarah said that she hopes to have 150 sheep mamas this year. They are beautiful creatures. I really liked the ones with black faces. She told us that black sheep look brown in the sunlight (something I would have never known). She showed us where they give birth to their lambs and encouraged us to come back when the lambs are born. When the sheep are lambing, Sarah and her husband wake up throughout the night to check to make sure everything is going well. She compared it to getting up with a newborn except she has to get out of bed, put warm clothes on, go outside to look things over and then attempt to go back to sleep. It sounds like quite an event. I am glad I don’t have to do all of that work, but I still get to see the babies.

We also got to meet two adorable donkeys, Bella and Doodles. They were a little skittish, but we all got to give them treats. Liam and Maggie even went inside the pen to pet them. Liam loved them so much. He even gave one of them a kiss. I guess he wants a donkey now šŸ™‚ This makes our total: 2 goats, 2 turkeys, more chickens, and a donkey. Ha ha. I don’t think we will be getting all of these animals, but it is fun to make a list. Maybe someday we will have a yard full of animals.

We really had a great time and enjoyed seeing the animals. Thank you so much, Sarah, for letting us come visit your farm.

Stay tuned to the blog….Chris and I have a big announcement coming soon šŸ™‚


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