What a busy weekend and the Big Announcement :)

We have had a pretty busy weekend. The kids, Chris and I…along with my parents and Chris’ mom attended the Du Quoin State Fair on Saturday afternoon. The kids really enjoyed riding rides, especially Liam. What they loved the most, though, was the pony rides and the petting zoo. I had to turn away while Liam was riding his “pony” because it was huge and there was nothing keeping him on it except his 2 year old hands. Definitely scary. The petting zoo was nice, but the Alpaca wouldn’t leave us alone, he thought all of the food was for him…and one of the goats kept hitting me as if to say, “Here I am. Feed me.” It didn’t make me want goats any less, though.

On Sunday, we started cleaning out the garage and the workshop area of the barn. We got so much accomplished. The workshop is fully cleaned out (we did find a mouse and her tiny babies…and a skunk carcass) We cleaned all of the shelves and started moving all of the tools from the garage to the workshop. And are actually ORGANIZING them. If you know my husband, have ever visited my garage, or ever needed a tool while visiting, you know this is a huge deal. I can’t wait until it is all done and we can locate a screwdriver when we need one.

Today the whole family, including my mother and father-in-law, headed to Arthur for the Cheese Festival. While we had a good time perusing the street fair and the shops, we were disappointed that there was only ONE cheese vendor. We did pick up some cheese, peanut butter, and noodles….as well as some top secret Christmas gifts đŸ™‚ We headed out to find an Amish restaurant for lunch, but were turned away from our first choice because of the huge amount of visitors in town. So, we headed to Arcola (another Amish town), but were sad to find out that no restaurants were open because it is a holiday. We finally ended up at the Rockhome Garden Restaurant. It wasn’t anything to write home about (or blog about)…but, I did enjoy my fried chicken. We hit up the country store before we left and found more Christmas gifts and were enthralled with the amount of honeybees they had. Very interesting. I wish I had gotten a picture.

We grabbed some onions, tomatoes, apples, peppers, and pumpkins before leaving town because we have more canning on the agenda. It was an event filled weekend, that is for sure.

Now on to the BIG announcement…

No, we aren’t having another baby đŸ™‚ And we aren’t moving. We are starting our own farm….a garlic farm. Doherty Organics, LLC will be planting our first garlic crop in the next couple of weeks. Chris is heading to Wisconsin next Saturday to pick up our 600 pound order of garlic for planting. We will have 9 varieties: Georgian Crystal, Music, Belarus, German Red, Romanian Red, Amish Rocambole. Georgia Fire, Russian Giant, and Siberian. There aren’t a lot of hard neck garlic farms because it has to be planted by hand and harvested by hand as well. The wonderful thing is that it grows throughout the winter, so there isn’t a lot of weeding involved. Planting and harvesting is going to be a massive ordeal, but we are extremely excited to start this venture and see where it takes us. We hope you will follow along with us as we embark on this adventure.


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