Our trip to Wisconsin…

We have been busy over the last week, so I am breaking today’s post into two so that it won’t be one long rambling mess. Chris and I got up at 4 on Saturday and headed up to Wisconsin to meet with a garlic farmer to get the garlic to start our new farm. It was a very nice day and wonderful to spend some quality time together (my mother-in-law kept both kids). We got to have lengthy conversations about multiple topics without a little one interrupting, which was long overdue. We had a discussion regarding homeschooling/private school/public school and never really came to a conclusion…I do have a ton of research to do now. And we talked about all things regarding our new farm venture. It was a good time.

After 5 hours or so we made it to Tomah, WI to meet with Gaele who has been in the gourmet garlic business for quite some time. I, honestly, didn’t even realize that there were so many different types of garlic and that each one had a unique taste, some of them are even spicy. We spoke with Gaele for 3 hours. He gave us tons of useful information (I took ten pages of notes). He is very excited for us and thinks this is going to work out amazingly for us. The one thing he kept reiterating is that we HAVE to handle garlic like we would our eggs because it is super fragile. I had no idea. The entire way back home Chris and I would cringe every time we hit a bump 🙂

After talking with Gaele we had lunch (some amazing chicken noodle soup) and headed back home. We stopped at a cheese and wine store…sampled some cheese and brought home a bottle of wine.

We now have the fun job of separating each clove for planting. And then we work on getting it all in the ground. Please wish us luck 🙂



7 thoughts on “Our trip to Wisconsin…

  1. this is so exciting!!! I didn’t realize you actually plant garlic cloves…I guess I always thought it started as a seed lol…do you plant these before winter?? how big is your farm going to be?? are you going to have different kinds or just one type?? sorry for all the questions I just think this is so neat!!

    1. I am so glad that you find this interesting. I wasn’t sure anyone would 🙂 You plant the cloves in the Fall and harvest them in the summer. One of the awesome things about garlic is that after your initial investment you can take some of the garlic you harvest and plant it the next year…you don’t have to keep buying seed. We are planting a few different varieties. I am excited to try them all out. We had one last night on our steak and it was amazing. I am excited to educate myself on the flavor profiles of the different types. We are currently planting an acre (we had originally thought about doing a half acre, but with the amount we ended up ordering we can plant an acre. It should be interesting. Lots of work in the coming weeks.

      1. are you guys doing this all on your own??? I want to see a pic of you driving the tractor hahah, or do you even need a tractor??

      2. To till up the ground a tractor would be wonderful, we are looking to buy a used smaller one, but don’t have one yet. My husband borrowed my dad’s tiller to get the ground ready for planting. Don’t worry, though, if we get a tractor you will see pics of me on it 🙂

  2. Yes we do! He had to explain them last year because we had no clue. 🙂 We like having them before the garlic is ready to use, especially when we want something a bit milder.

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