Getting the Farm ready…

As I have mentioned a few times in my previous posts, my in laws have been visiting. We always get a ton accomplished when we have help. It is hard to work outside when it is just Chris and me because someone has to watch the kids.  Chris started our chicken coop months ago, but his work schedule is insane and he has not had time to finish it. My father in law did a lot of work on it this past week. It looks so much better and I am glad that the chickens now have an actual covering to sleep in. Of course, their run was torn up during this process and it needs some work, but since we let them have the yard to run around in all day that isn’t really a huge ordeal at the moment. I should have taken a before picture of the coop. It was a mess. I referred to it as our “situation.” It was held together with four or five different materials. I can’t wait to get it completely finished so we can bring some more chickens into our family.

In other chicken news, the ladies aren’t laying in their coop yet, but we are finding 3-4 eggs a day. It is pretty awesome. Maggie found one on her own the other day and she was completely ecstatic. It was nice to see her so excited about these things. Speaking of excited, the kids have really gotten into living on a “farm” so we have given them their first chore. They are responsible for filling up the chicken feeders at night when we put them in their coop. The kids have been happy to help.

The coop isn’t the only thing on our property to get a makeover. On Sunday we finally starting cleaning out the barn. We have lived here for nearly three years, but have never really had a need for the barn, so we left it as it came to us….a filthy mess. The prior owners left a TON of stuff in it. We found tons of wood, old tools, car parts, and much much more. We will be using part of the barn to hang and dry the garlic and some of the stalls (we have 8) for our future animals. This is so exciting for me. Our dream of farm life is coming true a little at a time.

I found many things in the barn that I plan to use, a huge barrel that I had planned to use to catch rain, but quickly realized that wouldn’t work due to a hole in the bottom. I found a lot of things that I am going to paint with Fall and Winter scenes for decorations. We were also able to sell some of the old tools and car parts to a local antique dealer. We hope they can make some money off of them. We weren’t looking to make a huge score on this stuff since it wasn’t ours to begin with and we didn’t know what any of it was worth.

All in all we have gotten a lot accomplished in the last few days. Thank goodness we got a lot of it done since I am now sick and won’t be able to contribute much. I am hoping this passes quickly.


3 thoughts on “Getting the Farm ready…

    1. It is so peaceful out here,,,,you wouldn’t believe it. Our nearest neighbor is probably a mile or so down the road. We don’t see many people unless we go into town.

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