Winter Car Kit Checklist…and chickens…

Happy windy Saturday!

The wind is ferocious here. It blew our barn door right off. Geez. I am ready for it to calm down a little bit. The cold wind reminded me of an article I read in Mary Janes Farm recently (Oct/Nov Issue- Thank you Sierra for letting me borrow it!)….prepping a car kit for winter. Here are some things that you may want to keep in your car just in case you run into some unexpected bad weather, breakdown, or have an accident.

-Cell phone with portable charger and extra batteries.

-Emergency phone numbers

-Full change of clothes

-Extra outerwear

-Sleeping bag

-Space blanket

-Pocket knife


-Small shovel

-Windshield scraper


-Flashlight (and extra batteries)

-Beeswax Candle

-Matches (in waterproof container)

-Small pot or mug

-2 gallons of water

-Non-perishable food or snack

-Tow rope

-Bungee cord

-Tire chains


-Jumper cables

-Brightly colored flag or help sign

-First-aid kit

-Basic tool kit (including duct tape)

-Paper Towels

-Poncho or large trash bag

-Busy work (a book, deck of cards, paper and pens, or anything to help keep people calm).

**I have not done this yet, but I need to get started…especially since I am always travelling with a 4 year old and a 2 year old.

I also wanted to take a second and show off my chickens, this morning. They are SO beautiful and just looking at them makes me happy. Geo (Maggie’s favorite hen) is the one highlighted in all of these pictures. She is the sweetest one in the bunch.





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