Expanding our flock…

Happy 2012. I intend to do better about writing this year. I am constantly thinking of things that I need to say, but other things come up and I put it off. Hopefully, I can get a post in either once a week or once every other week.

I hope 2012 has been a great year for you thus far. I can’t really complain. I recently had a my 32nd birthday and was given two absolutely adorable baby goats, Rose and Alice. They are still being bottle fed and are kept in the house because we think it is too cold to put them out in our barn at this point. They are super loving and extremely inquisitive. Part of me cannot wait to have them moved outside, but I also know that I will miss having them inside. It is going to be awesome this spring and summer when we can get outside and play with them. Watching them learn to jump is hilarious and so much fun.

We also acquired 5 new hens from my friend, Stephanie. I love having a variety of chickens running through the yard. Our hens are Buff Orpingtons….and we added White Rocks and Americaunas. These hens are older than ours and are laying huge eggs. It is funny to see how much bigger their eggs are than ours.

We are considering adding a few ducks and turkeys to our farm this year, but have not made any decisions. My husband told me last night that I would have to be responsible for having the turkeys butchered….ummm, that probably wouldn’t happen since I know I will get attached. We will have to see if he is serious or not 🙂

Well, that is it for now…I need to go control the goats, they are attempting to eat everything these days.


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