Are any of you prepping….

Do any of you prep? Stockpile things in case of a weather emergency, economic disaster, or some other tragic event? My family just started doing this in 2011, but we are hoping to do more this year. Last year we planted our very first garden…this year we are planning a bigger one. We started canning….but will definitely put more food back this time around. We got chickens…goats…and learned how to make soap.

I’d like to start putting back more canned and dry goods….start making my own detergent and dish soap. I just want to be more prepared. I don’t think the world is going to come to an end in 2012, like some do, but I do think anything could happen and we should get prepared. So nothing happens?!? Okay….then I have an entire pantry filled with food for the winter and I don’t have to worry about getting out if we have a major snow storm. We live in the country–about 25 minutes away from any major grocery stores. It is nice to have a freezer stocked with meat and other items put back just in case we can’t make it out.

My question to you is….what do you put back? How are you prepping? I’d love to know.


2 thoughts on “Are any of you prepping….

  1. I coupon so I have a stock pile of can goods, pasta, dry cereal, ketchup, pasta sauce, and most things for the bathroom. I’m going to start canning this year and work on the the rest.

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