Lambs, Lambs, Lambs…

**Let me mention that this post will be very picture heavy…..I couldn’t stop myself from taking a ton of pictures and this adorableness must be shared 🙂

Today the kids and I went to visit my friend Sarah’s sheep farm. We have been before, but never when the sheep were lambing. I don’t know if there are living beings much cuter than a tiny little lamb. I thought I was going to squeal in excitement when I saw the first one. Sarah and her family have 147 sheep all of which has had or will have lambs. Half of their lambs are born, but they still have a long way to go. We were able to spend some time with the really new lambs, even one with a couple broken legs, lambs that are a bit bigger, and lambs that are out in the field with their mommas. We hung out with the moms who are still pregnant and, of course, with the two adorable donkeys.

My children adore the donkeys. After our last visit, we tried to convince my husband to get us a donkey or two, but he didn’t go for it. I guess we will have to just visit Bella and Doodles for now.

Sarah is a wonderful teacher. She loves having visitors out to the farm and really likes answering questions. I know this firsthand because I asked a lot of questions. I can’t wait to take my husband out to visit…I know he will have just as many questions as I did. And will ask things that I never even dreamed of.

Before we left, we were walking through the moms-to-be and we noticed two newborn lambs….while we were visiting the farm TWINS were born. Amazing.

We had such a fantastic experience. Thank you, Sarah, for letting us spend a little bit of time with your wonderful animals.


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