The nearly 4 dozen day…

I mentioned to my husband just the other night that we didn’t seem to be getting the number of eggs we should. I didn’t think too much about it because we are still pretty new at this and I am not always sure what to expect. Yesterday was a beautiful day so I decided to clean out the chicken coop and lay down new straw. I knew my husband had bought some extra bales and put them in the goat stall, so I went in to grab one…I saw a hen sitting in the corner of the stall. She soon got up and ran out and I saw somewhere between half and a whole dozen eggs. I had never thought to check the barn since we were still getting 4 or so eggs a day in the coop.

Today I decided to do a search of the entire barn. There were eggs in nearly every stall. I found a hen sitting on nearly a dozen. I was in amazement as I went from stall to stall collecting eggs. We were two short of four dozen eggs (and this doesn’t count the eggs from the barn yesterday.) I am still in shock.

I immediately came in and did a float test on the eggs. They all sank right to the bottom…no floaters. So, we now have 7 dozen eggs in the fridge. Maybe it is about time I look into something I recently heard about….freezing eggs.


One thought on “The nearly 4 dozen day…

  1. sounds like they are doing good….i told my hubby that i would love chickens, we are going to set up the coop this year and get some after disney next year. I will bring you the cartons i have tomarrow.

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