The butter experiment…

As I have mentioned in the past, I follow quite a few homesteading/farming blogs on Facebook. A week or so ago someone posted a link about making butter. I thought it sounded interesting, so I gathered the supplies and figured the kids and I could do an experiment. I invited over Maggie’s friend Ellee from Pre-school, her mom (Tikeyla), and her little brother James.

We had lunch and then started the experiment. I had a pint canning jar out for all six of us (the moms need to participate too, right?!). I filled three of the jars halfway with room temperature heavy whipping cream and the other three with whole milk (a friend suggested this would work as well).  We passed out the jars and told the kids to start shaking. As you can guess, the kids shook the jars for literally 30 seconds and handed them over to us. The moms spent a good chunk of the afternoon shaking three jars a piece.

Here are our findings: 1) Heavy cream works well. 2) When you see the butter clump at the bottom of your jar separate it from the buttermilk (the other stuff you made) and STOP shaking. 3) Whole milk does not work….or at least needs to be shaken for a VERY long time….we gave up.

Out of our six jars we finished with 1 jar of butter (thanks Tikeyla!)….2 jars of whipped cream (because we shook it WAY too long) and 3 jars of whole milk.



One thought on “The butter experiment…

  1. you forgot the sore arms you get from shaking all day….i shook the milk all the way home and the kids are still at it if we ever get anything i will let you know.

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