Our walk…

The kids and I decided to take a little stroll on the outside of the gate around our property….we prefer walking on the outside since none of us like our mean rooster (Have I mentioned how much I despise that thing?!) We started at the garlic field….you may remember last Fall that we planted an acre of garlic in 11 varieties. It is looking great!

We walked over to the fruit trees that we recently planted. Counting the three we planted last year, we now have 13….apples, plums, and peaches.

The kids decided they needed their picture taken together. An attempted hug turned into a chokehold.

Maggie LOVES having her picture taken so I took another….i can’t resist 🙂

This is what you see on all sides of our house…the farmers have been out a lot this week. We will soon have corn and soy beans sprouting up all around us.

We walked into a large area of violets. Beautiful. Maggie adores them because they are purple…Liam didn’t care as much…I think he enjoyed walking on them 🙂

Hopefully, we can take some more walks soon…today I am hoping for a thunderstorm.


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