I am beyond lucky with the amount of storage I have in my home. I currently have two pantries…closets for everyone…closets in all three bathrooms and hallway…a Christmas closet…and a gift closet…as well as a basement. There is one area, though, that is under utilized….a huge pantry in my laundry room. My goal is to clean everything out of it…move it to the basement…and start stocking up on dry/canned goods…as well as toiletries. It would be nice to have a constant supply, especially since we live approx. 25 minutes from a town with decent prices.

I’d like to get all of the items organized with a running tally of what we have…once an item is removed then I will re-stock it…that way my big pantry will always be full. I love to go to the Amish community to stock up on seasonings and dry goods in bulk. I can’t wait for my next trip.

Another goal I have is to stop relying on chain grocery stores for the majority of my food. I hate that I shop at Wal-mart…I don’t like knowing that my money is going into the pocket of big corporations. I am doing what I can to break this cycle. We have our own farm eggs…plant a garden…and have fruit trees planted (apple, peach, and plum). We are a member of a vegetable CSA so that we can get local, organic produce throughout the Spring/Summer/Fall. I have joined a buyer’s club with a Farm that allows me to buy my meat at a discounted price and it is delivered once a month. I am looking into an online organic/natural grocery store that makes a local delivery once a month (and it sells in bulk and singles)…I started canning and freeze leftover veggies and fruit…and go to nearby orchards when fruit is in season. I really want my children to learn where their food comes from. I want them to understand that food doesn’t have to come from Wal-mart…that there are other options. I am planting the seed…let’s see where they take it 🙂


One thought on “Organizing…

  1. way to go Amanda, like your thinking. just wish there were more options like this down this way. oh im sure there could be if i looked hard enough and didnt have to drive far to do this. i may try and check in and see what is available in this area.

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