We’ve added to our flock….again.

I love having animals on our farm. I think it is a fabulous way for our kids to grow up, and they make us all happy. So, when I received a text from my friend Sarah (the one previously mentioned in the sheep blogs) about a sheep that she needed a home for, I immediately wanted to say yes……my husband and I talked it over first and decided that one more animal wouldn’t hurt anything and he could herd with the goats and it would work out just fine.

Sarah has lots of sheep on her farm. They sell their lamb for slaughter–the hardest part of her job. The little guy she sent me the text about had been hurt (had broken legs) when he was born and she had been bottle feeding him. He followed her around everywhere, like a pet. He is really used to people and prefers to be around people than animals. The thought of having to send this specific sheep off to slaughter was breaking Sarah’s heart (and would have mine too!) So, she asked if we would take him.

Cullen (yes, I now have a Bella, Rose, Alice, and Cullen…and yes, I am a nerd!) is a Lincoln. He gets long wool before he is sheered. His breed is made specifically for wool. We got him on Friday afternoon and immediately fell in love. He is the sweetest of all of our animals. I could sit outside and pet him all day.

The Doherty herd is growing….


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