Every now and then you have to get filthy…


Our goats have finally been corralled. They were doing what goats do and were eating all of our trees, bushes, etc. So, my husband built them a fenced in area to enjoy at their leisure. Unfortunately, it doesn’t let them have access to the barn (except at night when we put them in to sleep). Chris thought they needed a covered area to get away from the sun and rain (as if we are actually going to get any rain!). He built them a “lean-to.”

I thought it would be fun to let the kids pick out some paint and decorate it. Yesterday we went up to our local True Value and let the kids pick out two colors each.

First, we had to paint the whole thing white. They were excited about doing the white paint for about 15 minutes. I ended up painting most of it for them.

Then the fun began.

And the mess. Liam decided he didn’t need a brush and put his entire hand/arm into the paint. Lovely.

Here is the finished project.

And the ends, painted by me, though I forgot to paint them white first. Oops. Hopefully the goats love their new place.


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