Making Sauerkraut…

Recently, I travelled down to my parent’s house in Southern Illinois and was extremely lucky to come home with a good amount of produce. My mom and I picked green beans, I bought blackberries and blueberries from a local blueberry farm (who happened to be selling on the side of the road), and had a family friend give me two huge heads of lettuce. I blanched and froze the green beans. I also froze the blueberries and blackberries. I plan to make a couple blackberry cobblers this week.

I also decided I was going to attempt to make sauerkraut. I had never thought about making it myself, but I had never had an abundance of cabbage. First things first, I needed a fermenting crock. I called the local antique shop to see if they had any, but that didn’t pan out. I then called my mom to see if she had any ideas of where I could find one. She mentioned that my grandma used to have one, she said she would check on it for me. Within minutes I had a call back saying my grandma still had hers and it was in great shape. My grandma had it passed down to her and now she wanted to pass it down to me. I am honored and grateful to have this piece of my grandmother’s family history.

Making sauerkraut isn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. I simply threw chunks of cabbage into the food processor, put them in a huge bowl, poured some salt over it, and squeezed it for 15 minutes to get the liquid out. I did half a cabbage as a batch and then transferred the small batches to the crock. After all of the batches were done, I made a water and salt mixture to cover the shredded cabbage. I then placed a plate inside the crock, covering the sauerkraut. I now wait…and wait…and wait some more (about three weeks) to see what happens. Every other day or so I have to check it for foam and scoop that off. That’s it. I hope it turns out because it sure did start smelling like sauerkraut within minutes. I cannot wait to see the finished product.


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