The garlic harvest…

We have been harvesting garlic for the past week. I don’t think it would have taken us nearly as long if the weather would have cooperated. There were days when we had 110 degree weather with the heat index and no one needs to be in the field in those temperatures. We lost some of the garlic, due to the mild winter and drought conditions…but, we have learned our lesson and will pull these varieties earlier next year. We were actually excited by what we were able to salvage.

This is just part of one variety.

Harvesting garlic isn’t the most difficult of tasks, but it is time consuming. The garlic either has to be pulled or dug and then pulled…and then it gets bundled and hung. Bundling is the longest part of the process. It would be much easier if we had someone bundling while the others are in the field picking, but with so few hands on deck it was up to us to bundle as well. I am amazed at how quickly we were able to get this done, when for the most part, there were only two of us working at a time. Big thanks to Corry and Ashley Tracer and Sierra Brown who helped us out a couple days. We really appreciate it.


We got some huge bulbs.

Now we wait while it dries and then we start selling. Our plan is to sell at farmer’s markets, on the internet (for planting), and to restaurants. If you know of anyone that might like garlic, please let us know.


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