Bathroom makeover…

We live in an old farmhouse, built in 1900. I absolutely love this house, but it has a lot that needs re-done. We did the kid’s rooms when we first moved in and then took out the carpet in the kitchen…yes, folks, there was CARPET IN THE KITCHEN!! There is also carpet in two of the three bathrooms. Let’s just say our style and that of the previous owners are not at all similar. We recently decided to re-do the downstairs bathroom. It definitely needed some love. The 70’s decor and pale blue walls needed a face lift. Everything is currently done except the ceiling. What do you think?






3 thoughts on “Bathroom makeover…

  1. At first I didn’t see the “before” caption or scroll down, so I read “What do you think?” and was only looking at the before…I was thinking…”Oh!…Cool…yeah…” hahaha, but then I figured it out! Looks great!!!

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