5k Training…

As I have mentioned before, I am not really a runner. I have always thought it would be awesome to run, but I have never been good at it. I have spent a lot of time lately (during my Facebook hiatus) reading blogs. I feel totally inspired and motivated to run. I know I can do this if I get my head in the right mindframe.

So, last night after putting the kids to bed, I asked Chris if he would help me start training. Chris was on his track team in high school and has way more experience than I do with running. My biggest problem, according to my husband, is that I started out attempting to run at much too high of a pace. This is the reason that I could only run for about 3 minutes at a time, which was a struggle. He lowered my pace and that made a world of difference.

My first night of 5k training looked like this:

34 minute total run.

2 minute warm-up walk

10 minute run

2 minute walk

5 minute run

2 minute walk

5 minute run

3 minute walk

3  1/2 minute run

1  1/2 minute cool down

I ran for a total of 23 1/2 minutes….and I ran TEN minutes in a row to start. I know this may not sound like a huge accomplishment to everyone, but I am beyond excited about this journey. For the first time I actually feel like I can do this.



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