My journey to a better me, Part 1.

As you all know,  I’ve been on a health journey for awhile now.  I began working out in August 2016 when True Form Fitness opened in our town.  I saw that they’d be offering Zumba and decided it sounded interesting enough to try.  I started Zumba in late August,  but could only make it to one class a week due to my work schedule.  Soon after,  my friend Angie suggested I start coming to the early morning class (4:30 am) on Tuesdays and Fridays.  I immediately told her she was insane,  but I gave in and began Bodycon (cardio and weights) in September.  Getting up early was difficult at first,  but it quickly became something I really enjoyed. The women in the class became my foundation. They encouraged me and pushed me to be a better me.

At this point,  I wasn’t concerned with what I was eating as much as I was hoping to develop a workout routine and stick with it. Tuesdays- early morning class,   Wednesdays- Zumba, and Fridays -early morning class.  I figured I would work on the food part when I could show myself I was committed to change.

Fall rolled around and I decided I wanted to run again.  I knew I could do the Couch to 5k plan,  so I started the program once more.   I registered for the Penguin in the Park 5k in Decatur  (March 2017). So, I’m moving along with my running program thinking, “I’m gonna rock this 5k” and I get a message from my friends (Kathy and Angie) asking if I would be interested in doing a half marathon in May 2017 in Indy.  Chris and I were in the car coming home from Thanksgiving when I received the message.  I looked at him and I laughed,  I read the question and laughed again.  Then something inside me said,  “why the hell not?!” So,  I told them I was in and got started making plans to conquer a half marathon.  I was excited,  but terrified.



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