Yesterday, Chris and I lifted at the gym and followed it up with a new class, Guns and Guts. Unfortunately, we were the only ones that showed up.  It always boggles my mind that the 4:30 am classes are so full,  but it’s difficult to get people into the gym in the evening.  I get it, there’s a lot on people’s plates (mine too- I share in the struggle),  but I never would have imagined that so many would get up for a workout before the sun comes up. Because of the popularity of morning classes,  Danita added in a Balls and Bands class this morning.  It was nice to do something different and to have my workout and miles in before 7 am. 

Chris has been doing my measurements since October.  We haven’t been very consistent, taking them only when one of us remembers.  I actually remembered tonight and had him jot down the numbers.  Since I started at the gym in August, we have taken measurements only 5 times.  I’ve lost a total of 16.5 inches since October.  I never really feel like I’m losing that much until I see the difference in the numbers.  

He accompanies the measurements with pictures. These are the ones that blow my mind.  There are many days when I look at parts of my body and I’m disappointed in the way I look, but these pictures show me how far I’ve come. This collage is October,  May, and today.  I highly recommend doing pictures and measurements… sometimes the scale doesn’t move as quickly as you’d like, but it doesn’t mean you aren’t making progress. 



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