100+ miles done…

Since May 27, I’ve been working toward completing the 200 Miles of Summer Challenge.  I started out really slowly,  but I finally reached my halfway point this week.  I have until September 3rd to finish the challenge. I’m so thankful for this endeavor because it’s gotten me moving outside of the gym and pushes me to do more every day.  

When I started this week I had two goals 1) get at least 10,000 steps daily and 2) get in 21 miles. These both go hand in hand,  the more mileage I did,  the more steps I was able to accumulate. I ended the week yesterday with 28 miles. I’m currently at 107 miles for my challenge.  I managed to get over 10,000 steps every day and on Thursday hit 20,000. It feels so good to keep progressing. 

Chris was out of town this week for work so I didn’t have the chance to lift with him,  but my mom was visiting (and able to be at the house with the kids) so I was able to get in mileage early in the morning without using the treadmill. I am so thankful that I have friends who are on this journey with me.  I walked with three different people this week.  I definitely get in more miles when I have someone to chat with.  I love my workout buddies. 

Jamie was on a limited schedule,  but she gave me the time she had. This girl is shorter than me, but walks like she’s trying to escape a murderer behind us. She’s fast….. super fast. Jamie and I started this journey together.  We took our very first Zumba class together. 

Janette and I had some interesting walks this week.  We walked in the rain and wondered about lightning strikes.  We walked on a busy road and had to keep an eye out for semi trucks. Janette was my very first friend in Pulaski,  so it’s nice when we can catch up.  

Angie has been one of my workout buddies from the beginning.  She’s the one who got me going to the early morning classes. Angie always has a story tell, so walking with her doesn’t feel like work 🙂

Since Chris was out of town, I decided to add a few more classes to my schedule. This week I did Bodycon, Balls and Bands,  Circuits, Guns and Guts,  and Yoga. I can’t keep this schedule up,  but it was nice to mix things up a bit.  I really enjoy Circuits! Circuits pushes me to do better.  On one of the stations,  Danita told us we could push ourselves further if we wanted and add a push up. I started at that station,  Danita gave me the side eye and encouraged me to do the push up. Without thinking, I got down and did it….. and I wasn’t on my knees.  I did a full on push up. Danita even mentioned my form was good.  #itsthelittlethings. I had to do a little dance to celebrate. It’s who I am 🙂

My week was filled with lots of good things. I’m definitely finding much more positives these days. Speaking of positives,  my wonderful friend Amber sent me some goodies to celebrate my success.  She has given me so much encouragement along the way.  It feels amazing to have such a great support system.  

I hope everyone has a great week and crushes their goals! 


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