Crushing goals…

I’ve been spending a lot of time walking lately.  I do at least 3 miles every day,  sometimes up to 6 depending on the company.  I was starting to get down on myself because I “should” be running. But, I consistently told myself a mile is a mile….it doesn’t matter how I get there.  

I like to make lists and set goals.  Sometimes the goals aren’t realistic.  Sometimes they seem just out of reach.  But,  sometimes… sometimes…I crush them! 🙂 

Ever since I began running again I set a goal of a sub 40 5k. I have had a 40, a 47, a 42…. but never under 40. Awhile back Angie suggested a 5k in Warrensburg.  My first thought was,  “A 5k in July sounds like torture!” So,  what did I do? I signed up any way. 

As the time for the 5k got closer and closer I thought I was in no way prepared for this race since I’ve basically only been walking.  I really had no expectations.  When we got to the race I had no nerves…. none…. because I had put no pressure on myself to do anything spectacular today.  I had planned to show up, get my shirt, and cross the finish line. Nothing exciting.  

We started the race and it felt good.  Angie mentioned that we were on pace to beat my goal. I immediately thought there was no way that could happen because I hadn’t trained properly. As we kept moving forward,  Kathy told us to leave her and go.  She said she wanted me to have a successful run and make good time.  Let me be honest,  that was hard for me.  As much as I wanted to crush my goal,  I also wanted to run together.  I wanted to do it as a team.  I’m thankful to Kathy for seeing that I was planning to stick together,  but for kicking me in the butt and helping me move toward my goal.  I would never had done it if she hadn’t encouraged me.  

So, we double checked with Kathy to make sure she was good with us leaving and we took off. Angie was by my side, telling me our pace… making sure I knew I could do it. We didn’t run the entire time,  but we ran almost all of it. Our walk breaks were short and few and far between. Angie is awesome at keeping you focused, but also distracting you by her stories. I know for a fact I wouldn’t have finished the race strong without her. At one point,  she told me to take off….we were nearing the end and she wanted me to finish strong.  I could hear her cheering me on as I ran.  I literally came across the final curve with tears in my eyes.  I crossed the finish line at 36.09….. something I never thought possible. 

My point of this entire story is this: Sometimes your friends see something in you that you can’t see.  They push you to be the best version of yourself. These ladies have helped me train for a half,  they’ve lifted me up when I am feeling sorry for myself,  and they’ve never stopped believing in me. I’m not sure what I did to deserve their friendship,  but I will forever be grateful.  

Do something today that will help you meet your goals. It’s a good day to make a change! 


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